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Friday 9th November 2018- Doors open 7pm-limited seating (unless booking meals)

 Proceeds direct to local childrens' charities via Concorde's established fund-raising section (Google it!)

Admission £10.00  (Concorde members/concessions £5.00) Limited seating

Tables can be reserved for 3 course meal- early booking is advised as there is limited availability on these annual shows.

Concorde Southampton :  023 80 613989

Booking page:


Check out the previous annual shows:












2014 & 2016 featured Mungo Jerry!  Take a look.....


(I am repeating the basic overview below as before- it more or less sums up the idea of these very successful shows)

The well established 'Back To The Sixties' is back for another great night and features the cream of classic 60s bands, singers and DJs from the best ever decade.  Original artistes who performed around the Southampton area and all over the country, provide some great sounds with over four hours of live music plus fills from the local 'vintage' DJs.  Just take a look at the previous webpage reports for a feel of what it's all about.  The new premises in Stoneham Lane were founded in the early Seventies and now transformed into one of the finest music venues in the UK featuring many top names- just take a look at their own website. I have a dedicated webpage on my own site as well, which tells more of the legends that trod the old boards:


This 'mini festival' has become well established over the last few years and witnessed some amazing performances from local Southampton musicians, many of them performing from the late Fifties and early Sixties.  Many of the guest artistes have flown in from all corners of the world and linked in with visiting family, friends and hooking up with old pals after several years away as well as making some great music. The Concorde audiences cover a wide age group but many of the 'Baby Boomers' hit the dance floor from the first note of the evening and keep it packed throughout the night- some 4/5 hours of classic 60s hits, laughs, surprises and much more.  The door proceeds go to the official Concorde Charity 'Pantomime' Fund that helps local childrens' charities, so we are hoping for another high turnout for this November show.  The money raised  provides trips out for local youngsters from difficult backgrounds and well supported by the local Mayor of Eastleigh and linked organisations.


Every year has been so good and so different, thanks to the wide variety of singers, bands and the 'vintage' DJs who come along to play some terrific 60s music in the breaks- just like the old dance hall days with live bands plus the Jocks  'spinning the platters'.  A really nostalgic night that brings back the memories of a carefree age and sees the older generation dancing to the same groups as the did back in the Swinging Sixties!  Also, the younger generations soak up the atmosphere as it gives them a taste of what it was all about- many of them wishing they had been born earlier!   It's also a great opportunity for musicians, friends, family and former fans to meet up and celebrate the best time to be young as well as enjoying a full evening of the best sounds ever from the bands, singers, DJs and others who were lucky enough to have been there in the early days!  For a really top night out, you can book a table in the restaurant area and enjoy the usual high standard Concorde 3 course meal as well as guaranteeing seats for the evening with a good view of the stage area.  Otherwise- just pay the basic door charge of £15.00 with limited seating, so best to be early when club doors open at 7pm.  The Concorde Moldy Fig Bar can be used for pre-show drinks or snacks so please get in touch to check out the options. If you are travelling some distance, then you may wish to book an overnight room  at the hotel part of the Concorde establishment.  Tables and hotel rooms need to be booked early due to high demand on these annual Sixties Shows.  See below for contact information.  For 2015 / 2016, we broadened the theme to include the Seventies as this covers more groups that have a wide repertoire of music, so yet another different feel to this fantastic night of pure nostalgia.  As in every year, we welcome our 'vintage' DJs who will be playing some more great 60s/70s mixes in between the fantastic live acts

The Concorde- view from the restaurant/bar area.  Why not book NOW for 2018!!!! Tables/meal bookings usually sell out......


Since these shows started back in 2008, we have seen them grow year by year into the well established annual successes that have witnessed full rooms of music fans. A fantastic variety of bands, singers and DJs have offered their services across the years as we celebrate the early years of the local Hampshire scene, providing a great evening of nostalgia. The audiences are from every age group, which see the 'mature' people enjoying the music that they grew up with, as well as them filling the dance floor for most of the night! The younger ones also get a taste of what it was like back in those golden years, so it all makes for a terrific atmosphere! I normally arrange the line-up during the early part of each year and I can now announce yet another scoop for 2018 in the shape of one of our finest local bands that fill venues across the South.


Toast are one of the most successful local Hampshire groups that feature the amazing talents  of  'Beau' Dinnage, whose track record goes way back to 1964 as one of my own first fellow band members in 'The Abdo-Men'. His terrific high end vocals were perfect for any hits of the Beach Boys, Four Seasons plus any harmony stuff and he still sounds as good - if not better than ever! Beau started out on rhythm guitar but switched to bass guitar after a couple of years, as he later joined several new line-ups including Brownhills Stamp Duty. This top recording band featured Rick Brown on lead vocals and you can read all about him on my other webpages, starting out with Ricky and the Hi-Lites from the early Sixties. In 1965. Beau and I went onto Eastleigh's The Unforgiven with Eddie Harnett who also has his own dedicated page on my website - the Site Map page can lead you there as well as this link:

Beau has played with many line-ups over the decades, including being part of Ray Dorset's Mungo Jerry who also took part in two previous Concorde shows in 2014 and 2016. See the links above, that can take you back to those great shows. He has also stood in with many top name groups across the years with his own great memories as you can imagine. When I first wrote up my first one page website that you are now on, it was firstly intended as a basic advertising outlet for my main professional comedy profile. Within a short time, I started to add more webpages as the internet took off, with more and more people using PCs. I then decided to add some of my own personal memories from 1958 when I first appeared onstage at Southampton's Royal Pier Ballroom, as a ten year old rock'n'roll singer - see my Biography link above. Beau then sent me a photocopied brochure of 'Southern Roots' which was taken from a massive set of files that formed a 'Rock Family Tree', written by John Clare and Terry Hounsome. John kindly posted this large file over from Australia a few years back, which has helped me to copy info plus rare photos of many local groups, singers, DJs and much more. This input has resulted in the 'Groups' webpages that you will see on this website, and you will also note a dedicated 'Southern Roots' webpage as well. I'm hoping to get it all copied across at some stage but its a daunting task. Beau also sent me this photo of The Unforgiven taken at the Carousel Club on New Years Eve 1965, and this was the first group photo that kicked the whole set of webpages off, so I thank him so much for this little gesture that resulted in the rest of my webpage history.  Better still, we remain god pals for some 54 years and have great laughs whenever we meet up or get onstage together on odd Concorde shows. Beau really describes him as a beautiful person...

Richie Hayes (keyboards) is also looking forward to playing alongside drummer Derek Edmond, for the first time in nearly fifty years!  Derek has a great pedigree with local Hampshire groups, including the 'Earth Angels' with whom I also sang for a short while in 1966. Richie recalls gigging  with Derek back in the mid Sixties with John Drevar's Expression then with Inflatable Toy around 1970.


Ex Brownhill Stamp Duty, Pancho, Tramp and Mungo Jerry. Played in Pancho with Paul Sheath who was Musical Director of The Fantastics. Originally started on rhythm guitar but moved on to bass. Wealth of vocal experience having done most of his recording at Abbey Road studios. His falsetto enables the band to recreate the music of Franki Valli plus other difficult high pitched classics. Multiple tours including Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, France, Belgium and Germany etc., A dozen live performances on the Radio 1 Road Show working with Dave Lee Travis, Emperor Roscoe, David Hamilton etc., Recording contracts with Columbia and Pye. Shared the stage with the likes of Rod Stewart, Steve Marriott, Rory Gallagher etc. Biggest regret not being able to sing Mr. Bass Man by Johnny Cymbal!


 Started piano at the age of 5 taking grades up to the age of 9. Self taught guitar around the age of 13. At 18 started playing professionally with The Chris Shakespeare Movement, John Drever’s Expression and Inflatable Toy. Claim to fame with Chris was playing on the same bill as Stevie Wonder. Think he topped it. Stevie not Chris! Also same bill as Rory Gallagher (but not with Beau) Jeff Lynne, Georgie Fame, The Equals, The Troggs, The Honeybus, Amen Corner etc. Mid life started Classical Guitar and went from Grade 5 to Grade 8 in two years and played with The Alhambra Guitar Quartet at various venues – some outside at The Southampton Show, The New Forest Show and on Radio Solent live broadcast. Only recently got back into bands again with Toast doing their first gig last Easter. Enjoying keeping the past alive and never ceased to be amazed how many youngsters know the words to the songs that we do.



"I started playing guitar at 10 years old during which time I was listening and influenced by the Beatles, Hollies and Shadows. My first guitar was a Rosseti Lucky 7 white semi of course which I played through a Dallas 4-watter amp, which was later replaced with an AC30. This amp had 6 inputs which allowed the whole band to go through it!

At 18, I gave up playing the guitar in favour of football, girls and beer (not necessarily in that order). It wasn’t until my first marriage ended that I took up the guitar again and joined the Bob Pearce blues band in 1982. I went on to form the now famous Mikeys Rock and Soul Band with Arnie Cottral, Steve Groves, Sid Carter and Steve Roberts. When this had run its course I joined ‘Soul Survivors’ a great band fronted by Chris Shakespeare.

Following on from this fabulous band was Rufus Stone, who I played with for 7 years playing some great venues and support slots, their keyboard player at the time was Ray Drury. When Ray and I left Rufus Stone, we played in various R&B line-ups one of which ‘The Steam Machine’ still runs to date.. I am so at home working with Toast. It’s Fantastic!"


Started playing in 1964 with The Earth Angels – professional late 60’s. Recorded for MGM and Polydor. Music type – soul, rock and prog rock (Nice, Family, type band).
Supported Jimi Hendrix in Paris, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Yes, Amen Corner and The Equals amongst others. Season at the Playboy Club in Park Lane, World premiere of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the London Hilton. Time in Germany at various clubs in Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg

Now playing all genres, rock, blues, soul, disco, jazz, fusion, etc. Past bands have included John Drevers Expression, Inflatable Toy, Base Elegance, UK Jazz Voyagers and the Steve Gifford Band. Also Musical Shows at theatres in Milton Keynes. House band drummer for MK Dons stadium opening by the Queen and Milton Keynes 40 year’s anniversary at the main theatre in the city.

Teaching drums for 20 years, Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool graded exams as well as leisure students. Influences – Mitch Mitchell, Bill Bruford, Dennis Chambers and Dave Weckl.
Style – Really all types – more leaning towards jazz and fusion but adaptable to all styles. Instrument – Live playing with Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom, Zildjian, UFIP, Sabian and TRX cymbals. Also use Roland TD20 for teaching.


Toast can be booked direct, so take a look at their own website that has info, photos and video-clips that give a rough idea of how good they are.  Live shows are the best way to enjoy them and you will be amazed by how good they all are, so don't miss this chance!


We also welcome back two great talents from the 2017 show, who opened the show with some classy harmony numbers. Eddie 'Fret' Hailwood has been a major help over the Concorde 60s shows across the years, as he played alongside many local musicians in  different line-ups or on his own solo slots. He ran Fret Music  Shop for many years, and kindly supplied several back-up items of musical equipment in line with our shared gear policy. On every show, we see bands sharing amps, drums, keyboards and p.a. systems so it really is a co-operative set-up one every occasion, as we need to keep changeover time to a minimum, although our DJs play some great fill music to keep the dancers busy! Eddie only lives a few miles away from the Concorde, but our good pal Rick Champion is flying some 6,000 miles over from  his Las Vegas home to join Eddie for another great set. Rick plays a mean 5 string bass, appearing with many top US acts and groups on the Strip, but loves to come back 'home' to visit family, friends as well as doing a few shows with old bandmates in the area




                                                                              EDDIE HAILWOOD                                                                        RICK CHAMPION


We have a tremendous late addition to this show, linked back to the very first time when launching the annual re-unions of our top local 60s acts in 2008. This first show featured Rick Brown, whose own groups of Ricky and The Hi-lites plus the later Brownhills Stamp Duty ranked as the very best in the South.  The Concorde sold out and the place was heaving, due to the many former fans who grew up with the group through the 60s and on.  It was one of the most incredible nights ever, and we saw Rick return on a later show, before his sad passing a few years ago.

It was an added boost as we featured guitarist Dell Gibbs, who had flown in from his home in Australia for family visits and to join his old bandmates. This 2008 photo shows Rick and Dell on the Concorde stage , who were also joined by Beau- he had also been part of Brownhills Stamp Duty.

Rick Brown      Dell Gibbs  2008

Dell has been back in the UK for some while, so has got together with Rick's nephews- Andy and Steve Brown plus drummer Ado Comer to pay a musical tribute to Rick Brown. They will be performing the name of:




Dell- on the right



                                                                                                                                   Andy and Steve Brown                                                                                                                             Ado Comer




A six-piece vintage rock and roll band playing covers from the 1950s and 1960s. Alan, Ed and Mandy have been playing together for many years in various bands. Freddy spent 20 years playing guitar and touring the world with the famous group The Drifters when they relocated from the US to England in the 1970s. Re-Issue was formed in 2017 after Alan, Freddy and Scott met as members of the New Forest Jazz Workshop and decided to do something different. The band is mainly based in the New Forest with local members living in Holbury, Ringwood and Fordingbridge.


Alan took part in our 2010 Concorde 60s show, as he and former members of Nick Troy and The Trojans recreated the sounds of that well know local 60s group.


You can find info on them at:       


Also, many will remember seeing his great appearance on Britain's Got Talent a few years back, as he leaped all over the stage singing' Jezebel' which the judges and audience loved.  He started out at seventeen, playing with many top bands, many of whom supported the big names of the Sixties, including Shane Fenton and the Fentones (later Alvin Stardust) . Again, he proves that rock n roll pensioners can still hack it!



Alan House:band leader, drums and vocals. Freddy D’Albert: lead guitar. Mandy Alderson: vocals and drums. Ed Niziolek: bass. Steve Connors: rhythm guitar and vocals; Scott Sinclair, keyboards.









Click on this link for info:


Mandy was a former Red Coat at Butlins Minehead (singing and dancing) as well as cruise ship entertainment around the Mediterranean. Scott (keys) has been playing with local jazz bands around Hampshire but loving the Re-Issue rock'n'roll hits




17th October 2018 Wish this lot could be with us on the night!



 CHRIS GOLDEN- On a recent visit to Liverpool + friends...


Since 2008, we have enjoyed the cream of our Hampshire 'vintage' DJs who play some great warm-up music as soon as the doors open at 7pm. They also knock out some terrific sounds in the breaks where we change some of the equipment up for each of the featured bands and singers. This keeps the dance-floor packed, as do our featured acts so it's a non stop party!

Once again, we welcome Chris Golden who has made it across the Atlantic from his new home in  Canada for most of our annual shows, combining it with family visits.

Chris is one of the main presenters on CJNU Community based 'Nostalgia' radio station (93.7), so why not tune in to check when he is on air?  You could even talk to him when he is playing many of the classic 50s/60s hits that you can hear on our very own Concorde shows.

We also thank manager Jamie Mathieson (plus Cole!)  and all the hard working Concorde staff on these busy nights as well as thanking all audiences who enjoy these great nostalgic shows, listening to the best music from the best years of our lives!



DSJ writes:

Yet again- an incredible night that saw a packed room, with some extra dining tables set to one side of the front area due to demand. One of the main reasons being that we were fortunate to have Toast with Beau as our headline act, after several years of asking them, as they are constantly booked. They also filled loads of restaurant places with themselves, plus family, friends and fans, as well as seeing the seats in the main front area fill up with more 'Toastettes'.


Our DJs Geoff Knight and Nick Horn welcomed the first tide of people as the doors opened at 7.00, with their usual perfect 60s mixes. Then it was time for my usual opener at 7-45, with a song, gags and general warm-up stuff before introducing our first act.  Local musician Eddie Hailwood teamed up with one of our international guests in the shape of Rick Champion who had flown in from Las Vegas, to combine family visits with our yearly show. Nice laid back 'unplugged' duo with a superb set of numbers that fit so well with the early part of the evening as the audience settles in. As with many acts on our shows, Ed and Rick never get the chance to rehearse before any hook-up, but just met on the night, with a quick chat on numbers, keys etc then straight into a polished set.


After a short changeover, it was time for our first band with another international guest all the way from Australia, in the shape of Dell Gibbs. He had also flown in back in 2008, to rejoin his old pal Rick Brown, being part of the original 60s Ricky and the Hi-Lites, taking part in our first night- read about on the 2008 link above.  The reformed group knocked out a fantastic show, as well as Rick joining us for another couple of shows before his sad passing a few years ago. This was a poignant reformed group that featured Rick's nephews - Andy and Steve Brown plus drummer Ado Comer (ex Roads End, Agnes Strange and many more) with a temporary name of Dell Gibb's New Hi-Lites as a wonderful tribute to Rick as well as remembering Rick's twin brother Burnsy who passed away at a young age some years back. I always read out a list of old local pals, bandmates, singers, DJs who have also passed on, which ties in with this Remembrance Weekend.  The obituary always closes with Rick and Burnsy as they are recognised as the best ever group out of Southampton, who later changed name to Brownhills Stamp Duty with Beau being part of that brilliant line-up. Our DJs then play the main song that Rick used to feature- his own version of 'Stand By Me' from his classic 'Black and White' CD, as Dell and co got themselves ready.  They played a superb lively set of classic numbers that saw the dance floor packed, with a great sound carrying on the Brown tradition- we all felt that Rick and Burnsy were looking down on it all.  See below for an edited list of  the obituary list.


After another DJ dance break, I slotted in a quick request from our soundman Dave Hoyland, with a short solo harmonica blast of 'The  Old Grey Whistle Test' theme tune, mixed with a bit of the old 'Train' sequence that I was blowing back in my early 60s group days. Then it came to the much anticipated Toast, led by the bass and incredible vocal talent of Beau, who can. still hit the highest falsetto notes in the Frankie Valli style.  We go back some 54 years to our own first group- The Abdo-Men, as Beau replaced a former guitarist but with his amazing vocal range that sounded good back then.  Many are amazed that he sounds as good as- if not better than ever plus it takes some talent to play bass notes at the same time as singing the classic hits!  The 60 minutes plus inevitable encore went far too quick, and the whole band played the tightest set plus great harmonies that tore the roof off the Concorde as we all expected.


Time for a big changeover as Toast cleared their gear off the stage, before our final act slotted their own equipment in readiness for the final slot of this very successful evening.  I covered some 15 minutes with a solo 60s dance mix, with backing tracks as there was no time for me to sort out my own group for the show, as it was a tight ship to run.


It was a welcome return for another great character- Alan House plus daughter Mandy who both sing and play drums, swapping roles through their lively show! Alan had previously revived the memory of a well-known New Forest band - Nick Troy and the Trojans, on an earlier show (see links above) and this latest line-up goes under the name of Re-Issue.  Many will recall Alan and  Mandy as they were featured on The X Factor and Britains Got Talent, that saw him leaping all over the stage singing 'Jezebel'.  The same hit was knocked out again plus another nostalgic set of 50s/60s rock n roll plus pop hits, enhanced by having Mandy on the 'girly' songs!  Great fun set that kept everybody dancing and singing till midnight as we wrapped up one of the best nights since 2008, but every year has been so good.  The Concorde staff were kept busy in the restaurant and bar, so we thank them all as usual.  Manager Jamie Mathieson later messaged me with the good news that we had raised just over £1200, thus going directly to whichever local designated childrens' charity was the target.


I can announce that the 2019 show will take place on Friday 8th November, so the line-up will be arranged sometime in the New Year.  Its worth keeping it mind, then returning to my website as and when the new webpage pops up, although the featured acts are generally finalised near the time.  See you all then!


Another bonus came as former bandmate from our 1964  group turned up, as he is now based in Bournemouth. Dave Sothcott who sang and played lead guitar, alongside Beau who was on rhythm guitar back then, plus Geoff Baker on bass with Glenn Lee on drums. We had hoped that the latter two might have come along as a chance to grab a photo of  the original line-up. Geoff and Glenn are still making great music these days, as the reunited (60s bans) Circle Plantagenet, fronted by the amazing vocals of Ken Starks, but they only stay in the recording studio, producing a series of original CDs.  However, us three managed a picture together, so I'll have to get recent shots of the other two Abdos then place them by the side!

ABDO-MEN REUNITED 2018    Dave-Beau-Dave!


Geoff and Glenn can be found here:

The 2018 list of names read out as we remember many great local artistes:





‘RAY VON’              








DAVE DEE                  








Howard (Bugsy) Richardson BLACKJACKS




























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